CI Keys is an online sandbox available to all faculty, staff and students at CSU Channel Islands. It is intended to provide users with a space to explore, develop, and create on the web. While our intent is to provide users with an open space free of constraints we do have policies and recommended practices for all users.

Recommended Practices

  • While using CI Keys, it is important to understand that sites created on CI Keys are public. This means they are visible on the open web and may be located through web-searches. This is particularly important if using CI Keys with students. We recommend integrating lessons about digital identity prior to using CI Keys with students about CI Keys.
  • All subdomains on CI Keys are associated with a single person at CI. It is not possible to create a domain that is owned by a program or group. If you would like to create a group website, one user can create a WordPress site and add multiple administrators.  
  • All CI Keys pages that contain program related information should provide a clear link back to the related page. If there is no related page, link back to the home page.
  • If you are building a site that provides information about programs at CSU Channel Islands on your CI Keys sites, we recommend you meet with the CI web-team to devise a strategy about what information will be posted on the domain and what will go on your CI Keys page.  
  • If you should leave CSU Channel Islands you have the option of moving your materials to a domain hosted outside of See T&L Innovations for additional information.  

Related Policies

  1. All CI Keys users must adhere to the CSU Responsible Use Policy when using CI Keys. This policy explains your responsibility with regards to Acceptable Use, Copyright and Privacy.
  2. Users must adhere to regulations about student privacy under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is designed to protect the privacy of students and prohibits universities from sharing students’ confidential data without the consent of the student.  Some examples of data considered confidential under FERPA are, grades, student id numbers, date of birth should only be shared in a secure environment that require login through MyCI (e.g. CI Learn or CI Records). Visit the Skillport FERPA training to learn more about FERPA. 
  3. CI Keys sites being created for coursework or program information should meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act as outlined in the Accessibility Technology Initiative. To learn how to develop accessible websites set up an appointment with a member of the T&L Innovations team.