Welcome Students!

Congratulations!  You’ve likely landed on this page because your instructor has asked you to get up and running on CI Keys.  This is a pretty exciting adventure that will open the door (hence the name…CI Keys) to a great deal of opportunities for you to create your own imprint on the web.  Now you get to have a little more control of what people find out about you when they google your name.   Getting started is easy!  Just watch (and follow along with) the videos below and you’ll have all of the information you need in just under an hour.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



1. What is a Digital Identity

2. How to create a domain

3. How to install WordPress

4. Tour of WordPress Dashboard

5. Selecting a Theme

6. Customizing a Theme

7. Posts vs Pages

8. Creating a Post or Page (and Adding Media to a Page)




Bonus Videos

The following videos provide optional information that may be useful as you fine tune your site but may not be required for your class.  Of course, you’re welcome to browse the rest of this site, the additional support resources page, or run a quick google search for more ideas or to get your questions answered.

Removing Comments on Pages

Setting time zone

Changing the home page