Turning Off Comments

Don’t want those pesky comments boxes showing up on the bottom of your beautifully crafted pages?  By default, comment boxes are at the bottom of all pages and posts on WordPress.  This video instructs you how to remove comment boxes from individual pages and how to adjust site settings so that comment boxes do not appear on newly created forms or posts. Check out this video to learn how to turn off comments on existing pages or site wide.


Setting the Time Zone

WordPress defaults at UTC+0 so you’ll need to change the time zone to fit your location if you want the time stamp to be correct on your posts.  This video walks you through the steps to changing the time zone your page.


It’s important to remember that content on your site is public on the web (unless it is password protected).  Therefore, all effort should be made to abide by copyright law when posting media (videos, pictures, music, etc.) and content.  Check out the Digital Copyright Basics page for more information.  If you want to password protect your pages, view this Publishing Options video.



Adjusting Comments Approval

Options for commenting can be adjusted within the WordPress dashboard. You can control when comments are held in moderation, which pages allow comments, and other settings. The video below will show you how.


Publishing Options

There are three options for publishing posts, including public, password protected and private.  All three are explained in this video along with instructions on how to create each setting.